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Brash Music
888 3rd Street NW
Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30318
Tel/Fax: 678.904.4790


Music Submission

Music and inquiries can be sent to us by email to:

All music should be sent to:

Brash Music
c/o New Music
888 3rd Street NW, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30318

The music should be on a CD. We do not accept MP3s, minidisc, cassette, vinyl, or “let me sing this for you” phone calls. The music should be tuneful, and representative of the sound you can put out live, otherwise we don’t care what it sounds like or what ‘demographic’ it fits.

Brash Music is looking for all genres of music. The packaging doesn’t matter. You can send a disc wrapped in old newspaper for all we care as long as it is audible and it comes with the following information:
full tracklisting

basic biography (band line-up, place of origin)
telephone number
street address
email address

Brash Music listens to absolutely all noises sent its way: we play at least three songs all the way through, so rest assured that we won’t be using your CD as a coaster or a deadly ninja-star! Each demo is listened to by several folks in our office who then determine if it fits into our current direction.

Remember that making a demo is merely the first step of a very long process. Usually the demo is part of a lengthy process involving gigs, conversations, general philosophies on life and such. As a company, Brash Music prides itself on doing business with hardworking people. Don’t chase the New Music Team on the phone: you’ll get annoyed when they haven’t gotten around to playing your music (even though they promised they would) and they’ll get annoyed answering the phone all the time when they could be listening to demos.

If you have sent all the requisite details to us, you will get feedback, from a bland form letter “thank you it doesn’t fit with our current direction, blah, blah, blah” to more specific opinion on what we collectively think about it. Remember that musical taste is a personal thing and don’t be discouraged if the response is not what you had hoped – remember the Dave Matthews Band kicked around for a decade before someone thought to put out one of their records.

Please do bear in mind that if a demo has been sent it will have been heard so keep us informed of all forthcoming events, especially gigs around the Southeast. We’re mad for gigs! And that is pretty much it.

We shall leave you with a list of things you must not do, and we look forward to the noises…
DON’T expect that we’ll listen to more than three songs on your demo submission, so put your best foot forward by either submitting only your best three or communicating to us with your submission which three you feel are best. Some bands say “I know you only wanted three songs but I’ve sent you a double album’s worth of material” and we say sorry we listened to your first three tracks and didn’t know they were your least favorite. Make it three songs only, and leave us craving for more and we’ll love you forever. If we wind up wanting more, we’ll be in touch with you — and yes, at that point, feel free to send over the entire box set.

DON’T make your first track eight minutes long. It gets boring. If you must be self-indulgent, do it on the last track. And radio hasn’t played a song that long since “Stairway to Heaven”.
DON’T send us a demo if you can’t replicate the sound live.
DON’T be scared to use the frequency known as to make sure that your demo has turned up.