Since their formation at the North Carolina School of the Arts as “Jump, Little Children,” the five members of Charleston, SC based (with newly abbreviated name) “Jump”- Jay Clifford (vocals, guitar), Ward Williams (cello), Jonathan Gray (upright bass) and brothers Matt (harmonica, accordion, mandolin) and Evan Bivins (drums) have enjoyed a fiercely loyal and ever-growing tour following.

Influenced by an Irish classmate, the band started off playing traditional Irish folk music spiked with a dose of Delta blues. The group toured Ireland before returning to the U.S. and settling in Boston. It was there that Jump began writing and performing original material influenced by the music of the Beatles, R.E.M., and Radiohead, and relocated to Charleston. The band’s last two releases, Magazine and Vertigo, received critical acclaim and national radio airplay.

With the completion of their third studio record, Between the Dim and the Dark (produced with Atlanta producer Rick Beato), Jump looks forward to continuing to build an even greater fan base. While Beato describes the album as “21st Century Rock,” the band prefers to be cagey about the sound of the new album, but sources say that it can be described as “melodic,” “trancey,” and “catchy as hell.” With their fan base now stretching well beyond their Southeastern roots, Jump tours over 100 dates per year, playing to packed houses in a dozen states.

    “Pop music needs a band like Jump to help progress stylistic creativity and bring new concepts to the table”