Half Past Forever

If you’ve been watching American Idol this season then you’re already somewhat familiar with Half Past Forever. Still not ringing a bell? well, the mastermind behind the band is none other than Chris Sligh, the guy who’s dead ringer for Ozzy’s son, Jack Osbourne, with a quick sense of humor and a devoted fan club known as the Fro Patrol.

Greenville. SC based Half Past Forever’s debut album Take a Chance on Something Beautiful has already been drawing critical praise. The band is made up of Sligh (currently on hiatus due to AI commitments), guitarist Adam Fisher and bass player Clemson University student, Cole Edmonson. The initial draw for listeners will no doubt be the stunning voice of American Idol phenom, Sligh, but the surprise will be that he was an equal talent for songwriting and production.

Citing the like of Switchfoot, Mute Math, The Afters, NeedToBreathe, and a slew of mainstream artists as influences, the band’s debut shines with plenty of frenetic energy, catchy songs, and Sligh’s diverse vocals, which handle rock as well as worship. No doubt the curiosity of the American Idol connection will initially draw folks to check out Half Past Forever, but it is the quality of the songs that will make you a real fan

    “Half Past Forever has recorded a stellar debut. While the project is a little long by today’s standards, there’s actually not a throwaway song in the bunch. The biggest surprise lies in the varied production, which is especially impressive for an indie band. They go all out with strings on “In a Momen,” while faster songs like “Naive” and “Closer” are reminiscent of The Strokes latest project, with a more raw, stripped-down indie feel that offers a nice contrast to [most of today’s] overproduced pop.”

    –Christianity Today