Li er yang

Li er yang
As I spend more and more time in China, I’ve been able to find several places that support live music for young artists in China. A great little club in one of the hutons of Beijing is 69cafe (69 after the huton address, get your mind out of the gutter) which is owned and operated by a music lover named “Mogu” which translates as Mushroom. Now that you know his nickname trust me that you can find him by his haircut. (He also has another music room in town called Moguspace.) On May 5th I was at 69cafe and a young guy named Lee started playing an acoustic version of Phil Ochs “Changes”, but as he explained more in the style of the way Neil Young covered it. J points out that there is some Zeppliny- Bert Janschy Black Mountain riff going on at the beginning. And if you don’t know Phil Ochs, look him up while you’re at it.

Li er yang () – Live Acoustic