Anthony David

Savannah, Georgia, was David’s home before migrating to Atlanta to jumpstart his music career. Shortly after arriving, he befriended another young, aspiring, and multi-gifted artis–her name was India.Arie. “India was about the first person I met when I got to Atlanta. I saw her at The Underground and she looked cool, so we started talking, and I learned that we both liked the same artists, and we began sharing music. We were friends for 3 years before I even knew she could sing.” Through his friendship with India, he found an outlet to express his thoughts and emotions in songwriting. “India had been playing the guitar, so I bought one and started messing around with it.” David went on to write the song “Part of my Life” for India’s critically acclaimed and multi-Grammy nominated album Acoustic Soul. “It wasn’t until I heard some Bill Withers songs that I got the inspiration to really try singing and then I sort of found my vocal stride.” “I’ve written stories all my life, so this is a continuation of that; I am a singer/songwriter first, I pick up instruments, learn ‘em and make songs with ‘em. While traveling around the country and Europe playing the last two years, I was able to soak up sounds from everywhere I went, which has had a big influence on this record. I’ve also learned so much about working in a studio the last few years that I was able to take a strong hold on the production of this record. I haven’t changed direction musically, I’ve just been able to grow and expand my sound.” David’s music is still an R&B and Soul melting pot, and this time he called on his many friends in the Atlanta music community to lend a hand to his songs. Comparing RCC to 3 Chords, he explains “It’s another ride through the rhythms that I like, but this time with a lot more emphasis on beats. I enlisted the help of every Atlanta musician I could get a hold of, from keys to horns and everything in between. I wanted it to represent my scene or at least my perspective of the scene and let everybody else hear what kind of flavor and diversity we have here in the South. Everyone who plays on this record has been a part of something big before, so they lent me that energy to try and help me get big. The vocalists are some of the real deal folks from around this way, like PJ Morton, Tori Alamaze, Laurnea, Kiesha Jackson and of course India. There’s more of an R&B flavor to this record, as opposed to the soul leanings of 3 Chords, but I think that drawing too fine a line of distinction between R&B and Soul is kind of dumb anyway.”

    Anthony David traverses the thin line between R&B and soul elegantly and eloquently on his second solo set. Adding more beats to the mix, he tunes up a stronger R&B vibe versus the stripped-down, acoustic soul found on his buzz-building 2004 set, 3 Chords & the Truth. Jazz guitarist Earl Klugh brings a special touch to a remix of one of the set’s midtempo charmers, “Smoke One.” Whether channeling Bill Withers on the love ballad “Words” (featuring India.Arie) or socially conscious singer/rapper Gil Scott-Heron on the gentrification-themed title track, David ultimately hooks you with his top-notch storytelling.

    –Billboard Magazine

    “The Red Clay Chronicles showcases David’s flair for relating compelling and nuanced stories about everyday experiences”