Cradle Rock

Cradle Rock takes iconic albums and songs and transforms them into instrumental lullabies. Using soothing tones from vibraphones, mellotrons and more. Some of the greatest music in Country, Rock, and Pop is now arranged in a way that you can expose your little music lover to your favorite songs. Every album in the Cradle Rock series is produced with the parent and child in mind. The melodies and tempos stay true to the originals, while the tones are softened to make the overall song a true lullaby. What’s playing through your baby monitor? Make it something both you and baby can enjoy with Cradle Rock.

Taylor Swift took music by storm, propelling from teen star to music icon in record time. Channeling Swift’s sweet rather than stormy side, this lullaby rendition of her award-winning album Fearless is a must-have for any little music lover’s library. The soothing tunes will swoop in on their proverbial white horse and leave your little one tearless and dreaming. It’s every sleep-deprived parent’s love story.

When it comes to rock albums, they don’t get any more legendary than the Eagles’ Greatest Hits, Vol.1. What better way to rock your baby to sleep than with a lullaby rendition of one of the best-selling records of all time? Every parent knows how it feels to be a desperado in the land where cryin’ eyes are taking you to the limit. Let the iconic melodies you know and love turn all of these nights into peaceful easy sleeping.

Legendary rockers Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon back in 1973. Now more than 15 million copies later, you can introduce your little music fan to one of the most well-loved records of all time. So when a certain someone is on the run from nap time, don’t fret. Just breathe, listen to these familiar tunes, and send Baby to the sleepy side of the moon.

Even the littlest of rockstars can go where the streets have no name with this lullaby interpretation of U2’s beloved album, The Joshua Tree. The rock icons’ generation-defining melodies are a perfect remedy for those times when getting Baby to snooze feels like running to stand still – you put your best foot forward but you’re just not getting anywhere. So if you still haven’t found the lullaby album you’re looking for, search no further. Now your little one can drift off to sleep, with or without you.

The baby in your life will love drifting off to dreamland with this collection of lullabies based on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Following the iconic album’s track list from start to finish, these pop-flavored lullabies are your little one’s perfect introduction to the irresistible melodies of the King of Pop. So tell those other boring lullaby albums to beat it, and let your pretty (or handsome) young thing enjoy the soothing grooves of “Thrillaby” instead.

In the history of country music, there has arguably never been a voice as distinctive and far-reaching as that of Johnny Cash. Now with this collection of lullabies based on “The Legend of Johnny Cash, Volume One”, your little guy no longer has to cry, cry, cry himself to sleep to the same old boring tunes. Whether you have a girl named Billy or a boy named Sue, your baby is sure to love crawling the line with these lullabies inspired by the original Man in Black.

This collection of lullabies based on Kenny Chesney songs is truly a reflection of his greatest work. Every song was a Number One country single with the exception of “Young” and “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems”, both of which clocked in at Number Two on the charts. So when the sun goes down, let your little one drift off to sleep with this soothing collection of country hits. In the summertime or anytime… no shoes, no shirt, no problems. Just don’t forget the diaper.

Cradle Rock keeps the melodic structure and tempo of each song similar to the original version. I really liked this part because I could still hum along with the lullabies.

What I thought was cool is that I already knew the melodies of the songs so I was able to sing along no problem.

When I put them in the PlayStation to start dancing my boys almost fell back asleep, right after they had just woken up! So, they work!

The art work for the covers are absolute great and kid friendly! I am a huge fan of both Michael Jackson, and Johnny Cash, and thoroughly enjoyed the songs and found myself humming along to the songs.

I was blown away at how much I loved these lullabies and how soothing and comforting they were, even to me as an adult. I could instantly tell which song the lullaby belonged to and found myself humming or singing along with the lyrics.

I love that my children get to enjoy the same music their parents listen too, but is a softer, gentler format. If you are looking for some lullabies for your little ones to “Rock” out to, I highly suggest Cradle Rock.

The songs were very fun, upbeat and much more enjoyable to listen to from an adult view than some of the children’s music out there. I thought the music was great, but these are for the kids to listen to after all.

I particularly enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. There was something soothing and fun all in one about this new version. As I listened I could hear Michael’s voice singing the song in my head.

What you will find is that melody and tempo is true to the original so you definitely know what song is being played.

The tonalities are the right balance to calm even the newest baby’s ears. So your babies will go rock-a bye-bye to sleep, while you’re rockin’ the cradle listening to Cradle Rock.

Babies and their parents will love these CD’s and look at those covers; who wouldn’t love them!?

I love how it is instrumental. These songs are very soothing and parents can actually enjoy listening to them as well.

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